Decorating a new home or updating your property to ready it to sell? For ideas on how to keep your home’s design looking fresh and current, keep in mind these five interior décor trends for 2019, as reported by The Wall Street Journal:

#1: Subtle, indirect light fixtures, like table lamps, sconces, and under-cabinet lighting are in versus harsh illumination, glass-glob fixtures and exposed bulbs.

#2: Vertical texture in the form of tactile walls clad in suede, linen and silk are trendy rather than gallery-white walls and lacquered studies.

#3: Solid-colored tiles in variegated glazes, including neutrals, ochers and greens are more in favor than hectic ceramics.

#4: The use of wicker and other inviting, natural materials is returning in accents and light fixtures; wire-framed furniture is falling out of favor.

#5: Large-scaled photos, prints, and original art are enjoying a revival in place of nostalgic, boho macramé wall accents and oversized tapestries.

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